Lately I’ve been enjoying a ‘game’ with my phone time. It’s simple.

  1. Read twitter…
  2. until you find something interesting.
  3. Shift to that account/person’s tweets…
  4. read their tweets and favorites
  5. GOTO 2

When I first heard of twitter I thought it was stupid. I was wrong! A few months later I reconsidered and signed up. That was 9 years ago.

% t whoami
ID           10090
Since        Oct 22  2006 (9 years ago)
Screen name  @kjell_
Tweets       2,526
Favorites    923

My use ebbs and flows. I don’t post much, and what I do post in inane. Right now it’s read-mostly, the best place to find information. I try to follow interesting people and occupy their slipstreams through the web. Contrails per Matt Webb[^1] .

But when there’s a tidbit that strikes me, I favorite it. (Tweetbot’s swipe this box until you see an empty star stage right, then let go is perfect.)

Others behave similarly. Those who do leave behind clear and fascinating slip trails, which my game plays upon to let me borrow a bit of someone else’s interesting-ness.

[^1] Mine is pathetic today: Signature Block, DWIM

—27 Aug 2015