How am I supposed to name readme files? My first inclination is all lowercase, .md. Most are capitalized. Some are .markdown. I have a soft spot in my heart for textile, but does anybody use it anymore?

What does everybody else do? Here are the simplest possible statistics I can grab through github’s search. (It doesn’t discern upper from lower case, which is a bummer.)


# extension
7,061,887 md
386,111 markdown
291,675 rdoc
63,555 rst
37,384 textile
20,999 org
18,532 mdown
3,007 pod
2,263 creole
1,073 asciidoc
1,066 mediawiki
553 adoc
486 wiki
143 rest
54 asc
26 lhs

TODO: how can I search by case? I’d love to know if README beats Readme or readme.

—25 Feb 2014